1. feeble, enfeebled, weak, frail, fragile, debilitated, drooping, withered, wasted, worn, worn-out, enervated, exhausted, helpless, powerless, played out, spent; decrepit, impotent, failing, senile, anile, old-womanish, puerile, childish, in one's second childhood, dotty, Inf. crocked, Inf. cracked; unhealthy, in poor health, in declining health, on the decline, reduced to skin and bones, skeleton-like; ailing, sick, sickly, Inf. poorly, ill, unwell, indisposed, Inf. under the weather, Inf. off one's feed, taken ill, Inf. laid up, Inf. in a bad way, in danger, Inf. laid low, prostrate; confined, bedridden, invalided, Brit. in hospital; crippled, lame, halt; hurt, injured, suffering, wounded.
2. unstable, faltering, trembling, doddering, wavering, vacillating, inconstant, fickle, unsteadfast, changeable, irresolute; undetermined, indecisive, undecided, pliable, easily led, gullible, naive.
3. rickety, tottering, unsteady, unsubstantial, shaky, precarious, insecure, unsound; rotten, decayed, seedy, deteriorated, the worse for wear, on its last legs, tumbledown, jerry-built, flimsy.

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